About Floor Nurse

Our Story

Floor Nurse, established in 2020, is a carpet cleaning company offering high-quality services for both homes and businesses. It was founded by Danny Hanff, a nurse and entrepreneur from New Port Richey, Florida, who previously operated a successful carpet cleaning franchise for five years. Hanff's expertise lies in low moisture encapsulation cleaning, an eco-friendly method that uses non-toxic, biodegradable materials and significantly less water, dries quickly, and is safe for children and pets. Danny transitioned to nursing but continued to clean carpets for loved ones, recognizing the importance of clean environments due to his own experiences with asthma and his daughter's allergies. With his wife, also a nurse, he identified a need for efficient, safe dust and soil removal in homes, which led to the establishment of Floor Nurse. The company's technicians are experienced and use the latest equipment to provide deep, thorough carpet cleaning services, effectively eliminating tough stains and pet odors. Commercial clients are serviced with minimal disruption to their operations, and the eco-friendly encapsulation method is used for high-traffic areas and stubborn stains.
Floor Nurse is committed to delivering exceptional results and premium customer service, with a mission to offer customers a cleaner, safer home environment. For a comprehensive, eco-friendly, and efficient carpet cleaning solution, Floor Nurse is a reliable choice.